Business Card got rejected

I hated this, for the fourth time the designs are rejected
What do I do until it is approved ?
Why the reasons are not explained ?
What are the reasons for rejection?
Any help here ?
This is the last file that was rejected. Is anyone checking it and saying what are my mistakes?
Here Design
Are there errors in files, font, file type, size, color, anything?
Please help me, I need some advice to understand the reasons of the refusal.
Thank you in advance!
Best Regards

Very quick answer from me: -> “over 21,700 business card templates” - quote from GR - BC category. You must do very unique design to get approval. Market is full.

Advice - be careful with rejections because you will get limited item uploads per month (too many rejections = limits).

Advice nr2 - search category with lower number of the designs - 90% success is finding niche those days, and this is hard work.

peace ;]


Thank you, sir
Does this mean that there are no technical problems in the design?
If anyone here has any comments on the design, please let me know.
thank you in advance
Warm greetings

hi there , do u realize that the card does not have anything special? sorry to tell u the ugly truth, but right now there are hundreds of cards using the same disposition, colors, organizations , typo, icons and so on … and that a lot in this style are already rejected because of the number of already accepted ones in a saturated market and also because this card that looks outdated in many ways and that the balance is far from being perfect , as u have a rather busy left side with a lot of information too close from the margins and a big white space in the middle and a few info and elements in the right part … hence the visual misbalance … pls keep in mind this is a template and that , in your case, u can adapt the content so that all is well aligned, harmonious and balanced and this is thus what u are expected to do … in addition , some of the color variations are everything but a good idea as the declinations do not necessarily look good and some of them bring u on the verge of violating a basic design principle, that is to say , contrast … and contrast issue mena big time trouble as this is implying readability issues as well as hierarchy ones, too


Sir, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for your distinguished criticism
I am very happy for that.
I hope to make a better design
Warm greetings :heart:

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to thank me u try to make me feel old? lol kidding pls call me nico , thanks :slight_smile: