Business Card Bundle got rejected

Hi guys,
My business card bundle got rejected, my business card bundle include pack of 2 business card and it is already approved before.
if there is any new rule about business card bundle, please let me know?

hi would u mind letting us see the concerned items, pls?

i was not active in forum long time & i couldn’t update recent rules in envato, may be rules got changed about bundle item?

not as for i know … but i am not an expwrt in this category …

Hi! Look here:

“Basic Business Cards” in " Files we don’t need" list

May be you can create something else?

I agree with you if i’m trying to upload new item, but actually I’m talking about business card bundle approval, it is already approved business card and was trying to upload approved business cards as a business card bundle. usually they approve business card bundle with minimum 2 approved business card, but now i get rejected, may be rules changed?
previous rules :Bundles must contain a minimum of 2 items and a maximum of 10 items

your bundle Items should come from the same category and exist as individual items on the Marketplace.

This is the bundle rules for graphicriver:
Before you upload a bundle, make sure your item meets the following guidelines.

  • Bundles must contain a minimum of 2 items and a maximum of 10 items.
  • All files in a bundle must be available as single items on the marketplace before a bundle is submitted .
  • Once an item is available for purchase as part of a collection, it should not be added to any subsequent bundles .
  • Bundle item descriptions must always reference and link to each individual item already available on the marketplace .
  • We recommended that individual item descriptions are updated to provide a link to the corresponding bundle once it is published


OK, lemme upload another bundle and let us see what happen next.I think my bundle file will have some issue