Business Card aprove

I have a question. I uploaded a business card psd file, 6 days ago, and i want to know when the admins will aprove or reject the files.
Have a nice day!

Congrats! :slight_smile:

hi, as for i know , i have had a new design approved in GR today, items are queued for 8 days at this time, u still need to be patient a bit, about 2 days normally …


Ok, thanks. Have a nice day!

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Thanks, but the files are still in waiting!

În lun., 5 nov. 2018 la 17:39, unlockdesign [email removed by mod] a scris:

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LOL why would we give u some vodka my friend, u are spreading fake news lol hahahah lol all of my friends had their items reviewed after 8 days, mine is reaching 8 days and is still not reviewed, so there is sort of non accuracy in the figures here lol
ok as you are a good fellow , u will get vodka all the same lol :slight_smile:

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