Business Bank Account for non UK Residents

I have registered a company in London, but I’m non UK resident so it is a little bit hard for me to open a business bank account there for it . After more searches I found out that HSBC bank accepts non UK residence. So my question are :

  1. What documents do I need to have with me to open a business bank account there ?
  2. Do they have a minimum deposit to open the account ?
  3. If you have more suggestions for me like other banks or other solutions ?

Suitable for limited companies registered in the UK with all non-UK resident shareholders and directors. To satisfy the requirements of the bank, the shareholders of the company must travel to the UK to meet with an HSBC representative.


Only HSBC can tell you exactly what documents and what minimum amount they need to open an account with them. Probably best to drop them an email. This might help a bit though, maybe best to avoid Barclays!

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Thank you !

@thezoc - Can you send me a mail ( use our ThemeForest Profile ) - I’d like to pick your brain about starting a company in UK, I’m thinking of doing the same thing.

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@ThemeVillage thank you, I just replay on your ThemeForest Profile !