Bundled software

Hey there !

I think this is my first post on the audiojungle section of the envato forums.

I’m an author here on envato, but I mostly design flyers for graphicriver.

I want to get into creating music for audiojungle, so I started creating my studio.

I currently started buying hardware for music production and some of the products come with bundled software.

I don’t need some of the software included, or I already have it.

As you may know, creating a studio is a serious investment, so I thought I’d recover some of the money I spent on hardware, and in the process I get to maybe help some fellow envato colleagues.

If you need any software in the following list, contact me here on envato, and you can get it for a good price. I’m not greedy, I just want to recover what I can from my investment.

Here’s the list:

  • Studio One 3 Artist

  • Arturia Analog Lab Lite

  • Output Movement

  • Cubase LE 9.5

  • Cubasis LE

  • AKAI MPC 2.1 Software

  • AKAI VIP 3

  • Addictive Keys: Studio Grand, Modern Upright, Mark One, Electric Grand

  • SONiVOX Twist 2.3

  • SONiVOX Wobble 2.3

  • SONiVOX Big Bang Cinematic Percussion 2.5

  • SONiVOX Big Bang Drums 2.3

  • SONiVOX Eighty Eight Ensemble

  • Hybrid by AIR Music Tech

  • Loom by AIR Music Tech

  • Vacuum Pro by AIR Music Tech

  • Velvet by AIR Music Tech

  • Xpand! 2 by AIR Music Tech

  • Mini Grand by AIR Music Tech

  • Creative FX Collection by AIR Music Tech

  • Strike 2 by AIR Music Tech

  • Waves AudioTrack

  • Waves Eddie Kramer Effects Channel

  • Waves TrueVerb

  • SoundRadix SurferEQ 2 Boogie

  • Ignite by Air Music Tech

I have multiple copies of some of the programs


Hm, there might be exceptions, but usually the “bundled software” can’t be resold…


There are exceptions.

Thanks for your interest !

Nobody is interested ? It’s a pity for this software to go to waste, because I have no use for it.

To convince you that it’s all good, the first three people will get AKAI Professional VIP 3 for $5.

So, the first 3 people that will request in this thread, will get each an AKAI Professional VIP 3 license for only $5.

Hm, I am realizing that maybe I should have bought many copies of Xpand2! when it was $1… same for Hybrid, and many others… I always buy software at discounted prices, but I thought it was very difficult to re-sell licences.

In many cases you have a fee to transfer licences, but in your case, I guess it is a different story, as they are bundled with hardware, so you never “registered” the software, maybe it is like a brand new copy?

Yes, they are new licenses, never registered.

I don’t understand what you are trying to say in your last post.

Hello @prowebmedia

As you may know, creating a studio is a serious investment, so I thought I’d recover some of the money I spent on hardware

Envato Forums is not a place to sell licenses or software.

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