Bundled plugins must be included in the main zip file

I’m a little confused about the WordPress Requirements for plugins. Do we need to include ALL third party plugins or just our own custom plugins?

Currently I only include my own custom plugins in the main zip file and have not had any issues up until now, what is everyone else doing?



I think you will get correct information from here


Thanks @unlockdesign

From the plugin inclusion chapter:

For plugins from wordpress.org, the latest version must be installed directly from wordpress.org rather than bundling them in the zip file. The source, external_url, and version TGM PA parameters must be left empty.

So, plugins from the repo. should not be included. Yet, the message I’m getting from reviewer @kailoon is telling me I need to include all plugins. I include my own plugins, but not the repo. plugins.

There seems to be some confusion here.


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Thanks so much @kailoon