Bundle question

I wanted to create a bundle of 3 of my Valentine’s Day flyer and wanted to add like an exclusive free flyer template to the bundle. Is it allowed to do or I can only bundle flyers in the marketplace and no extras?
Thanks for the response.

hi i am not an expert but i tend to believe that this is ok , in the end , the main thing is still the three flyers that had been accepted already

thanks for the fast reply. I read the help page and it doesn’t say anything about it, so I suppose it’s okay.

Yes, you can add exclusives to bundles as long as the primary items are there as well. I’ve done exclusives in one of my bundles and I’ve had no problems.

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you can try but my experience is like:

“you can make bundle only if all items are available on the market”


well u are right this is a guaranty indeed , though , for instance if u have 5 files and all have been approved already , what is the problem to add a 6th one even if it was not reviewed before? this is a sort of bonus anyways …

Pretty certain you cannot do this: https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000470886-Item-Promotion-Guidelines i.e. Woah! It’s not OK to: ‘Bonus files such as free content or a lite version of the item.’

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who ever said that the thing is a “free bonus” anyways? come on! the item is meant to be sold! so there is nothing free in the end … (the thing is not sold alone) the question is, is that ok to submit with an item potentially not being reviewed and accepted beforehand … knowing that there are different kind of bundles, one is made of diverse designs on the same theme … (the question maybe asked in this case) and the other type is a bundle made of format declinations of a design , when there is no reason at all for the item not to be accepted inthis case as the concerned design was accepted in many other formats beforehand and consistently is the same, just the fornat is differing …

Based on adding ‘an exclusive free flyer template to the bundle’ - either way it’s not allowed either as a) an item that’s not already for sale on it’s own, or b) as a bonus.

LOL well this is like a whole of other regulations that are pretty making no sense at all , then … this basically means that u cannot make a new design and compile lots of formats in one time to offer a whole communication bundle! this is ludicrous

in addition, celebs models are not allowed and this did not prevent flyers with top world celebes to go through all the same …

Well, I played it safe and didn’t add any freebies. Thanks for the replies!
And yes as @n2n44 says I’ve seen flyer templates with celeb models, especially fashion models, and that’s not supposed to be allowed? Guess there are some flaws in the marketplace…

indeed this is impossible to control it all and to make no mistake at all … this may happen … this is not a big deal if u ask me … u know here in thai once in a bar they had a poster featuring freddy krger and the doll chucky, u think that the movie company came to complain? lol now this does not mean that we should do … but in this case, this can happen