bundle of Music Kits by discount price ("Music Kits Pack")

Hello friends and colleagues!
Most authors on Audiojungle creating ‘Music Packs’ of their own tracks and get from this additional income.
At this point in Audiojungle - market there is a relatively young section ‘Music Kits’.

My idea is to set up management Audiojungle to create similarity of Music Packs for ‘Music Kits’ section (bundle of Music Kits by discount price). This decision will be beneficial for both - the buyer (it saves his money), and the author (extra income for author).

I will be glad to your offers, and hope the administration of Audiojungle will read it!

Please, support me and write your ideas and suggestions in the comments!

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Hey, I think it is good idea!

Support it. Great idea. Why not.