bulk change license

I’m new to elements by ENVATO. I have a paid subscription as we need stuff for a project.
having not really understood till now the licensing, I’d like to change in bulk all the downloads we made to be on the same PROJECT vs how we did it when we didn’t understand the system and by accident made a few projects with similar names. Hope this makes sense.

basically I want to make all the items we downloaded applied to the same project. possible?

It will be good to start a new collection for each project and then you can assign the downloads to that collection :grin:

I wasn’t aware of all the options at first and just started downloading. can I move all items into a collection?

basically our download page is a mess, some items have 4 licenses for the same project use. please help us clean things up.

can I assign downloads to a collection after the fact? that should be a default option to select items and move them

Yes you can add and renove items from your collections.

how do I add items to a collection. to be clear items I have already downloaded and have license for?

Here you go :grin: https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022265692-Collections-on-Elements

cool but I still have to go one by one. sucks. I have tons of items.

Yeah library management will continue to get improved :grin: