Built in custom framework question(s)


Hope everyone is doing well.

I got a quick question (or a couple questions) regarding custom frameworks. So, my plan is that I want to develop a custom framework, let’s call it X with a slug of x which is responsible for theme verification, auto updates, demo import, in-house plugins manager, handling responses from my custom API and so on.

Now the confusion is:

  1. Say i have a theme Y with a slug y, do I have to change my framework’s functions’ prefix to my theme prefix, or it’s fine to keep it as x_function_name instead of y_function_name. Same goes for the text domain. Do i have to change the all escaped function textdomains to y instead of x.

  2. Is it better to implement all this in a standalone plugin for all my themes instead of having a copy of this framework in all my themes in a folder called framework?

  3. Is there a plugin that already does this, and is extendable or white label-able?

  4. Is all this worth it knowing that WordPress 5.5 will have the auto-update stuff built in?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: