Buildpress Theme Licensing Problems

My Webmaster is having trouble setting up the theme because it says it is being used elsewhere when it is not
He get the following error.
Please note some of the CSS are missing because the license key that you gave is already in use somewhere else and it’s not letting me activate here.
Following is the error that I am getting.

I paid out good money for the theme & now its costing me more money wasting this guys time I shall Think twice about buying from ENVATO AGAIN

It’s not currently being used on that other site but was it installed there previously perhaps?

Is it your license or did the webmaster buy it?

Otherwise you need to talk to the author of the theme

I bought the Them and sent it to the webmaster to build the site its not installed anywhere else.

If Its not resolved Quickly he will have to use another theme and I want refund I have bought a no from you

A Palmer

Firstly we don’t work for envato and are only trying to help.

As mentioned you (as the buyer) need to speak to the author @ProteusThemes of theme

Given the status of that author, how highly repsected and how exprienced they are we are sure there is a simple explanation esp. given the similarities in the link above and that which the screenshot suggests it has at some point be installed on (regardless of if it is currently live)

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FYI look a the code of the site which the screenshot suggests has had the theme installed:



Clearly one of Proteusthemes items was at some stage installed here? If you were not aware of this then I would be talking to your webmaster about how their plugin is here?

Given that the license is for one installation and website the author may be willing to help you de-register the theme and install it elsewhere, but technically they shouldn’t have to and we’d be pretty certain that there is no grounds for a refund here.

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Hi Sipcrete,

Please open a private ticket on our customer dashboard (see instructions here) and we will help you as soon as possible.

And charlie4282, thanks for the assistance. You are correct, it looks like the theme was already activated once somewhere else.

Have a nice day.

SO I pay for it and cannot use it ? I put it on my site and a web guy was supposed to doe the website he did not so I hired another guy and sent the theme for him to do it .
Its incredible I cannot use it where I want its certainly not on Siptec-Sipcrete or which is where it was going to go when he finishes it. I shall take this A LOT FUTHER
I am going to copy him in now and tell him he will have to stop work its useless to me and nothing but a conn.
Its up on the Freelancer .com website now so all you are doing is damaging your reputation.
A Palmer

Yes it can only be used or installed in one website as per the license agreement that anyone buying items agrees to.

Often tracking registration is used to help prevent people breaking the license and using items on multiple sites.

If it’s not in active use on one site then the author may help to de-register it so that it can be used on a different site but you would need to follow the link in the post above from @ProteusSupport to discuss that.

For the second time I went to their support

Now have to rate at least 3 days
Look at the screen shot when I trie to ask for support

Can you not read of done that twice and now it will not accept the support ticket NO Wonder you have such a bad reputation



We are solving this issue in private emails.

Have a nice day!