Building shopping site with multiple pick up location and a delivery option


I am not sure if am addressing the right crowd… anyway, here goes.

I am building a shopping interface where users can buy board games. I have 3 physical stores in my region and 1 warehouse.

I want to ship products from my warehouse and give the option to pick up my products at my physical stores. To that effect, I need to split my stock into 4 different inventories quantities.

I want that:
-When the user selects delivery as an option, it fetches quantity from my warehouse inventory (main one).

-When the user selects pick up at a specific store , it fetches quantity from the correct inventory (correct store).

I want to make it so the user can only select pick up when the product is in stock at the store’s inventory and that once selected the delivery fee disapears.

As there is no way I am the first to be looking for such functionnalities, I was under the impression there would be a plethora of plugins for woocommerce/wordpress out there. However I haven’t found anything satisfactory yet.

Thank you for your time reading my situation,

Phil :slight_smile: