Building an admin template


Hey guys,

I’m designing an admin template now and planning to sell it here. Problem is, I’m not sure what the users expect to see about the format.

  1. Should I just write it like an ordinary html files with some javascript functionalities and expect users to hack and implement it themselves?
  2. Do users expect some sort of mvc-ready product so that they can use it more in the proper way, no need to hack stuff?
  3. Is it a good idea to use a component-based approach so that users need only to recall the specific html syntax, under a certain framework?

For instance, I have a certain element on html, it is prepared with two states that work with css classes. So I need to use javascript to toggle the class and let css to handle the styles. Question: The way I toggle the class with js, is it important for users? Or is it safer expect users to use their own way since template is more about styles?