Building a team [Developers]

Hey Guys,

My name is Chiko, we are building a cool team to make exciting things, I am graphics designer and i have 15+ years experience in the field, I have great interest in UI design and UX, and project management.

We have some really cool and neat WEB projects, we would like to invite ADVANCE developer(s) back-end and front-end interested to join the quest. At the moment we are not yet looking for a specific programming technologies e.t.c. We are NOT looking to build basic generic websites, wordpress etc.
If you have the interest to build custom advanced fully functional projects from scratch using latest web technologies/frameworks. i.e. python, laravel, java for web, symphony, this is for you.

If you like to build cool things please get in touch chiccosinalo [At] so we can discuss more.
skype: peacesinalo


you can contact me in skype at pradeep.narava or email me at
We have great teams and want to collaborate if everything goes well.Tq

Thank you i will get touch with you soon.

You can catch me via


You can contact me at skype ipis.coc

i have added you. thanks

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I didnt Get any skype request . Can you check whether you send to correct or not

I do not know ))))