Building a site but help with costs


To build context for my situation, I am working with a non-profit charity to build a website aimed to help gather users and to focus on efforts with natural disasters. We don’t intend to sell anything but perhaps request donations when needed in terms of crisis. I am really sorry as I’m sure this question gets asked quite a bit but what are the associated costs when using a theme from Is the license fee a onetime fee or is it annually or monthly? Lastly, I believe I would only require a standard license as the organization doesn’t sell anything but is it the same if the organization would perhaps be looking into obtaining donations for relief efforts?

Thank you very much for your time and assistance!

It is a one off payment to use the site forever.

You get 6 months support free and can pay if you want envato official guaranteed support beyond that.

I think you will be fine with a regular license as long as you are not charging people to use the site e.g. it is public access

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