Building a review site for restaurants with an existing database

Hi all,
I want to built a website where people can place reviews about restaurants. I already have an excel database of thousands of original reviews. The excel database consists of colums, such as the name of the restaurant, date of review, the review itself, coordinates of the restaurants etc. etc.
I found which could be a great way to built my website.
But I am wondering, is it possible to upload my database of reviews to the new website with this wordpress theme?
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Anyone has an idea concerning my question above?

It is not a very complicated task - you can import your excel database to mysql/desired database as tables and later use them in the new site

Hello @wyannick

I can build a Restaurant Review Directory website using the ListingPro theme as per your requirement.

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Send me a message to discuss in details.

Hi, I might be interested. How should I contact you?


You can message me through my profile contact form

Looking forward to hear from you.