Building a podcast looking for feedback using intro and exit music

I have began working on the beginnings of a podcast layout, actually just gotten it complete as of today along with the theme itself. I completed the topics that will be discussed and now building out ideas on various levels of those topics so I can begin working on interviews and furthering my research on who to interview. It is still a long journey but I am making progress thankfully. What I have done in the midst of all this is review audio jungle for a brief time out and come across four items which I really like for intro and exit music.

With the above being said, how would the above be purchased? I would like to know this so I can do it correctly first of all and my second question is I would like to do this so I do not get into trouble when publishing on a website which the podcast will be residing and stored. I am sure there will be more questions but for now I am more curious regarding the level of purchase I need to go through since the music will only be used for a brief intro and exit to interviews which I will be doing with others.
I greatly appreciate the information shared on this matter. -Sue

AJ rules are pretty vague about using music in series or podcast. If all the episodes of your podcast can be considered as one end product, then you should purchase only one license. However, if all episodes are different and are not connected with each other in any way, then you should purchase a license for each serie. My guess is it would be the first, considering your podcast would not be featured on TV, radio or cable.

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thank you appreciate the information.