Building a CMS with ASP.NET MVC 5

During the course Jeremy mentions that the lesson encapsulates the Unit of Work and in masterfully designed code it is done by the Unit of Work used in conjunction with the repository. Is there some where that show how this would work? Thanks

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The best person to answer this question is our Code Editor Adam Brown @adamarthurryan - which I’m sure he’ll jump in at some point and help where he can.

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Thanks for the update.

Thanks @neilp123. Actually I’m going to loop @jwmcpeak in on this conversation. He’ll know better than I!

@RJLuppino, do you recall what lesson that is in? I’m a little fuzzy on the details of that course. I guess you’ve already checked the repository for that lesson?

Is there some code missing, or is it just that you’d like more explanation of what is already there?

It was lesson 4.2 he talks about it. I will double check the repository in case I missed it. There is no missing code, @jwmcpeak just mentioned that in the lesson he is keeping thing simple but in masterfully designed code the UnitOfWork and Repository should work in conjunction. I was looking to see if I could deepen my understanding of the concept since he did mention it.

Ah, okay. Thanks for clarifying. In that case, definitely @jwmcpeak is the one to ask for further clarification.

What do you think, Jeremy?

I apologize for my tardiness.

@RJLuppino, thanks for watching! I’m going to pass the buck and give you links to some articles. They can do a much better job of explanation and demonstration than I can here.

(Continued since I can only put two links in a post)

As with everything, people have differing ideas, both in implementation and if the concept is good. A dissenting view:

Repositories On Top UnitOfWork Are Not a Good Idea

@jwmcpeak Thank you for the links I will surly check them out. As for watching your classes, no problem I get a lot out of them.