BuildARK Theme won't let me edit header

I am taking over development of the site at I am decently familiar with WordPress but the theme on the site now is not letting me edit the header. All I want to do right now is change the logo image in the upper left corner.

Hi, please contact the author of the theme to get support:

Thanks. Problem is they are not supportive. Thanks though.

if you didn’t purchase the theme yourself or are out of support periods then it’s a good idea to purchase the theme again and get an up to date license, otherwise yoy may find issues with updates etc. as much as support

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Thanks, everyone. Yeah, I may have to purchase support and hope that something beneficial actually comes from it. I was bringing up the question here as a general one because I thought it was odd that the theme was not letting me edit the header, and wondered if anyone else here had ever seen anything like that in general and been able to deal with it.


I’d start by checking WP and the theme/plugins are all up to date and using the latest vesions e.g. they did a compatibility update with the latest version of WP in Feb