Bugs on Stsbuilder

Hi, please help me to fix bugs with I get at STSBuilder.

You must contact the author of this plugin for bug fixes support.

Hi said he can fix it for 1000 usd. Its to much money with I can buy a complate new script for.

I can reinstall all script, but then I lose all my template with I have build by my self and all other change.

In this case you can simply ask for a refund if the builder has errors.

Yes, I now. But then I gone lose all time I have spend of this system.
What is you salary per hour to help me?

Is the issue with he core item? Or is it a result of changes and customization that has been made?

How long ago did you buy the item?

You can look for freelancers on www.studio.envato.com

Ower one years.
and he have change design and lot of things.
You can see what I have type at Reviews for STSBuilder