Bug or something else?


Is this a bug or something else?
Firefox on Windows 8.1 PRO.
But probably on other configurations too.


Hi There:
I also use chorme this like icons :slight_smile:


Those small icons should be under the thumbnails, but they are way too far, at the right :frowning:


Yes you have a reason, I not know what happened :frowning:


Same problem on ThemeForest
I use Chrome
On Audiojungle everything works fine


They’re doing a lot of a/b testing (more like a-z testing) of late so there have been bugs here and there. There are countless variations of the grids and lists they’re testing - some horribly absurd, some good. Either way, you can report it by creating a support ticket.


Thanks for the heads up guys, this looks like a bug in an active A/B test. We’ll get it sorted.