[BUG]: No avatar image when replying comment


There is no avatar image appear after replying comment. The ajax process is not setting up SRC for the image tag. Here is the ajax return for the image:

<div class="media__item">
      <img data-src="https://s3.envato.com/files/256961383/cspt-80x80.png" width="40" height="40" alt="creativesplanet">

See screenshot below:

Also it will be perfect after refresh the page. So the problem is only with ajax return (after submitting message). So after refresh it’s showing avatar image perfectly. Here is the HTML output of the image tag after refresh:

<div class="media__item">
      <img width="40" height="40" alt="creativesplanet" src="https://s3.envato.com/files/256961383/cspt-80x80.png">

Hope this will help to solve the issue.

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