Bug in Theme

Hi everyone,

I´ve just realised a bug in current version of the Enfold Theme (current version - no update available).

The pagination on a blog site doesnt work correct, when using ‘Raster-Layout’ (with eg. ‘Einzelner Autor, kleines Miniaturbild …’) everything works.

The problem is, that I cant navigate using the pagination numbers (shown in the left down side (nav class=“pagination”)).
When the blogs are shown on two pages I can navigate on page two using the pagination.
→ Clicking on 2 the url changes and the parameter ‘avia-element-paging=2’ is added and page 2 is shown.
==> But clicking on 1 doesnt work - page reloads but the url parameter ‘avia-element-paging’ isnt changed.


Contact with your purchase item author @Kriesi hope they will helped!