BUG in showing newest items

If you go to graphicriver, select All Items from the upper menu, the list shows items from 2016 instead of the newest items.

But if I click Sort By “Trending” and then I click again Sort By “Newest” the correct list appears.

Same for themeforest and codecanyon and audiojungle.

I don’t know where else to report this bug.


Same thing on Themeforest

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On Videohive by default, the trend topics are shown, although wrote “newest items”. Accordingly, when you choose the trending items, it shows the same. And when you go back to “newest item”,still shown the same


Hope it’s a bug @KingDog

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Yes, This bug it’s happening again :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: Best sellers get some extra attention again. :smile: But why not vice-versa?!



Is this bug? when will fix this bug?

please fix asap… not sure what is up with it… tried different browsers just to make sure

yeap , same thing shows to me

on ThemeForest as well. the old item is showing instead of a new one

I was a bit confused when I went to look for the latest WordPress plugins earlier. Haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s hope it gets resolved quickly.

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Yeah, hope it will be back as normal as fast as possible.

Thanks for flagging this @hevada & @ThemeSLR!

I’ve just checked with our developers, and they have confirmed that it’s a bug. A fix will be deployed shortly.