Bug in Portfolio

I go to my portfolio and I see only the fitst page of my items. Two pages are missing.


Yes, same here. @BenLeong I can see only the first page of my portfolio, can’t see the rest of my items

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Just one page appears and the other pages are missing, @BenLeong could you please check this bug with the team? it’s critical

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Yes, Same here :frowning:

Here as well, only first page of portfolio is visible, and pagination isn’t there.

It only applies to people looking at their own portfolio… everyone else can see multiple pages without issue.


These items were not disappear, but it s still a problem

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There is also this problem. I wanted to update some of my work, but I can’t do it just like that. There is only one page in the portfolio.

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Same here… only first page appear rest of pages are missing :frowning:

Same to my portfolio… only the first page is accessible, the rest are missing.

Me also it shown one page only

I am having this problem with firefox. but there is no problem in chrome.

Hello. After logging in to my account, only the first page is displayed in my portfolio. There are no links to other pages of my portfolio located at the bottom right.

When I log out of the account, the links appear.

Where is Envato Staff? We need an answer. I also need these pages to remove some items from Elements :stuck_out_tongue:

I can only see page 1 of my portfolio, either.

However, we can access it by entering the page after our portfolio address.



Problem solved. All portfolio pages are visible again :+1:

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