Bug fix after upload

Hi guys. I am new in Envato. Few days ago I have uploaded a template. But I have found a bug on the project in my local machine. The project is still in Review Queue. Is there any chance to update the project?

Unfortunately you can’t edit files that are in the queue.

If it’s something small and you get a soft rejection just have the updated files ready to re-upload and you will be getting an answer on your resubmission usually within a day or two.

Should I upload the fixed one as a new project? So that, if the first one rejected this project will few days advance in queue. If the first one will accepted or soft rejected I will delete the last project (fixed one).

Don’t do that, just wait for an answer on the one you’ve already uploaded. It may be that you missed something else too, or it gets rejected for another reason.

Just exercise patience, this is my recommendation. Usually resubmissions are prioritized in the queue and you get an anwser on your resubmission really fast after a soft reject.