[BUG] Empty inline image

I uploaded new inline images to 2 of my items and both show as empty (non-existing)
More than 2 hours have passed since I uploaded them.
I tried from multiple browsers and devices, as well as different file formats (both png and jpg)
Even tried uploading my old inline image, but the result is the same…

Bumpy bump

same with my item.

<Message>Access Denied</Message>

Yup, no improvement on my side. Looks like this is not an isolated case

this is what happen when you try to run a marketplace on a 2gb vps i noticed many issue with this marketplace after they decided to move their hosting somewhere else. When things are going good i do not understand people want moving everything and change everything to save few $ and got a bag or problem coming with it

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I can see your item’s preview image.

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It has been resolved now by Envato

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