Buddypress settings in Wpmls theme

I have the WPLMS Learning Management System. To start creating courses I should associate WordPress Pages to some active BuddyPress Components.

I am not able to do it in course, registration or active. I readed in a tutorial that I had to import an xml file that came with the theme. I did it, but while in the tutorial they have some “all courses” and other things predeterminated to associate to these components, I did not have these pages.

So, I dont know if there is another way to get them or if I should create them from zero (and in this case, how to do it).

Thanks for helping. It is my first time whit buddypress and I am quite lost.

Hi Columbina,

I am the author of WPLMS . This is a public forum, the best place to ask support related queries is WPLMS Forums..

You may also want to check out the documentation quick installation guide and settings section for this.

You can also contact me via email form in my profile page.