Buddypress code change - add notification for new posts in groups


buddypress comes out of the box with a lot notifications which are emailed to the user and are shown up in the notification panel.

I need to have a small code change / function which adds one more notification of a specific event.

I want when a new post is done in a group, that all group members get a notification and are emailed with this like for the out of the box notifications.

I have seen quite a lot documentation of that to use the buddy press core function for that so I presume its not too hard to do that.

Can someone please help me out / comes with an offer by private message?

Bests Daniel


Hello there,

Could you please send an email with your login credentials? I will check it and get back to you asap with an offer





done! I have sent you an email with information.


Unfortunately this is still not done.
Can someone help out?

I have found a tut which describes how to add notifications to buddypress. Looks simple.




I have messaged you. Please reply back. Thank you.