Buckle theme support (Site no longer available)

we bought Buckle theme on your site, theme is beautifull, responsive and everything is great but spage speed. It’s loading font’s and some useless css and and page loading can take up to 20 seconds. Site is no longer available on evato market and I don’t know who’s manufacturer of the site. I am kinda newbie in web optimization and I really need your help guys. Here’s the link of my webp https://getim.hr/.


If the theme is no longer available on the marketplace, then your only option is to hire a professional to help you with that. For example at studio.envato.com

Wait, you are telling me that I paid a theme for which I don’t have any support? How should I know who’s manufracturer of this theme?

When did you buy it?

Support would not typically cover site optimisation. Themes are meant as building blocks that inevitably need editing and fine tuning to meet purpose and specific user needs

We can’t translate all those errors but where are you hosting the site? Have you optimised your images? Removed code you are not using? Caching the site? Minified scripts? Etc.

It looks like some of it at least could be to do with things other than just the theme?

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