Brush Sets - How is it that some people go over the pack size limits?

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So I finally have my first set of photoshop brushes approved and for sale. When submitting though I was asked to implement a limit of the amount of brushes I could have in the set (between 8-30) and given the link:

However, I have seen lots of brushes for sale that are 50-90 brushes… These don’t appear to be bundles either…
here’s an example:

is it some Author rank that unlocks it?


From what I understand, the bundles refer to items that are already sold on the marketplace, an item being a full product, not the indavidual brushes (in this case) themselves, so the brush pack you referred to is an item. Bundles have a limit of 30 items, so let’s say you have 40 brush packs, each with 50 brushes, you can only put in 30 of those packs (items), for a total of 1500 brushes for one price.

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However… after reading further, it does seem that they do have limits on indavidual items, which is news to me. I’ve never seen this topic brought up before, or enforced. This does make me concerned though, I’ve been working on a layer style pack for a year which currently has 80 styles and is only half way done. In that case I should probably split it into smaller packs and then just make a bundle of those pack for the full product. It seems that they arent so strict on this rule, but I would do my best to follow them, since thems the rules.