Browsing all of the user's assets

When browsing a specific user’s gallery we are limited to 50 pages only, why?
This means that If I like a user’s work and I want to browse his entire collection I’m limited to 50 pages if the user has more then 1200 assets.
the user urzine has 1969 items but only 1200 are visible to me at his profile.

Also I would like an option to filter a user’s assets (Lets say I want to see only the motion graphics items and not the stock footage ones)


You can check this reply:


Thanks for the answer,
I guess having filters in the user’s assets page as well, could make things more simple,
too bad filters are not available over there.

Currently not only elements but also envato market Author portfolio page search functionality not exist. And I think as customer has options to choose the best one using main filter (category wise and keyword search) from all the Authors in the platform, customer can use the main filter to find any specific item. Thanks

im also having issues due to this, i click on food in stock videos, as thats all i signed up for it says 17k results, great !! but unfortunatley im only able to browse to 50 pages of videos, so im not able to browse all of the content, its a massive shame as theres tons of stock videos id want but cannot access them to see ! , even the filtering isnt helpful you have popular and new, what about adding others ? ive tried clicking onto the users link to access more of their videos there, but then you have to search through all their other categories, theres no abiltity to refine the results of a user to say just food, im sure google doesnt top its results at page 50 as someone said ive been much further into results than that in 2019, come on guys sort this issue out , i was going to upgrade to a yearly account but with this current UI its pointless