Brooklyn Theme - Could I apply same license to a subdomain (test environment)?

Hi folks,
I have a licensed to use Brooklyn theme (production environment)
Could I use the same license into a test environment like (even keeping the main domain) ?

Need I buy another license?

Thank you,

From my basic understanding, I think you would need to buy another license. Though you might want to write the Envato Support about this, since they’ll be able to give you a clear answer.


you will not be bale to use the same single license in both environment to register the theme. because purchase code (license key) are unique and can be used only one environment. In this case you can use the license for your main website and register the theme there and for text environment just install the theme but don’t try to use the licnse there. may be some features can be missing in test environment. Otherwise you can purchase another license for test environment.

If you contact theme author they can provide more help on this.

How to contact an author:


Hi there, thanks for clear answers.
Yes, I need to buy another one.