Broken footer menu [Soft reject]

Hi guys, I have uploaded my first WordPress theme on ThemeForest, and I got the soft reject. The reason why I got the “soft reject” is this one:

Broken footer menu:

I’m not sure what’s wrong with this, it would be great if someone of you provides me a better feedback so I can understand what should I change here.

Would be better if you post your theme URL

This is a widget, and It’s not visible on the demo page. This screen shot is provided by reviewer …

You have answered your question. You didn’t activate the widget on your demo, it’s not working probably.
Use “monster widget” to check all the widget areas working properly. I think they should’ve added a similar message to your email as well

The template I created is “One Page” and there is no need for this kind of widget, I just want to make it work properly.

Also what I quoted here is a full comment of a reviewer, there was not an additional explanation.

Just remove (unregister) the widgets and update the item details/add a note to the description.
Send a note to the reviewer that the theme doesn’t support any widget and you have already updated the item details

I already chose “no widget ready” and I have no idea why they insist on widgets … as I told you before, this is One Page template without sidebar, so there is no place for widgets. Since they requested widgets, I decided to include them in the footer area.

Any way I can not figure out what’s wrong on screenshot provided by reviewer…

Apparently, the widget has been registered, only thing you need to do unregister the widget

So basically I’m allowed to remove any widget? It’s not against the ThemeForest rules? Sorry for asking this kind of questions, I’m new here.

You can try but I’m pretty sure you will get another rejection message after that one

Be sure to check the WordPress Theme Submission Requirements as well. Cheers!