Brochure was Hard Rejected

I cannot Understand, Why my Brochure was hard rejected. I think now graphic river only accepts designs from some selected authors only. That might be the reason my design has been rejected. Otherwise it is much better than approvedbrochure designs.
They are only approving items of their friends or may be they have their own accounts.
Agree or Desegree ??.

This is not the case here, all items, from all authors are reviewed carefully.

Also, please keep in mind the community guidelines when posting and do not call out items, users or staff on the forums. As per our Community Guidelines:

Please respect your fellow users, staff, and moderators. We are all part of a community and you are expected to treat all users in a professional and respectful manner.


Everyone Want to know Why their design hard rejected.
Thank you

I know, but when requesting feedback, please keep in mind to respect this community including the reviewers. Thanks!