Brochure design hard rejected | Your submission is too similar to existing item(s) in our marketplace

Hi there!
Please help me. I’m desperate(((…
Recently, I created a new brochure design (business proposal) which can be viewed here -

I’m not sure about the attractiveness of the design, as It is the subject of subjective preferences. It’s all about the official cause a hard reject -

Unfortunately, your submission is too similar to existing item(s) in our marketplace. Your upload must be a unique concept not based on any existing marketplace item.

Perhaps there is indeed a certain similarity with one of the last works of one of Milan’s studio … but it relates more to branding, but not as a brochure on Envato Market. And besides, the similarity is very small. As for the structure of the brochure, it will certainly have a similarity with other business proposals as required by the format of the business document. All Annual Reports, Forms, Invoices, Corporate profiles similar to each other, since it requires the format itself of the business documents. I want to say that it is impossible to come up with a completely new structure of the business proposal, annual report or corporate profile, as existing at the moment it is formed on the basis of customer preferences and formed over the years.
It all versions of business documents with its strictly defined structure. As designers, we offer only the design of these documents, and if I am being accused of plagiarism, I would like to get a reference to an existing similar version of the brochure.
I have left many questions unanswered for which I can not move further on Envato. In fact, for this reason, can be locked any item from this group (corporate documents).
I look forward to comments! Perhaps someone has already faced a similar problem. Perhaps together we can find some way collectively. Because what happened, in my opinion, contrary to the very concept of openness Envato Market for all…


It’s how reviewing here works mate. I mean you dont get any explanations on your reject. It’s just about how reviewer sees your work. Im getting like 90% hard rejects on logos, and still don’t know how to work out my logotypes to pass the review) And im sure it’s not about quality, because my logos that passed review are not the best ones in my opinion.

Yes, that’s right. The fact is that this brochure, which hard rejected by Envato team, too peculiar. As I understand is better to do something more universal … more useful for different projects.

Envato review is much harder than you think mate. Don’t fight them just improve your quality.
Good luck!