Broadcast licenses... yet again!


That is the story we authors are told, and what buyers are told as well. Of course it’s just a story. But it’s Envato story and they should stick with it. So, by their own story, they have to give us these data (and they shouldn’t be looking at it either).

Even without that made up story, it wouldn’t be difficult to make it legit with a checkbox.

Instead, they refuse to share these data for pure selfish commercial reasons. And for lack of understanding/caring PRO related stuff.

@SteelSound is right, we have to demand Envato provide us with this information. When those broadcaster customers use music from sources other than AJ or RF markets, they are expected to fill a cue sheet. Why should it be any different on here?

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I would prefer to use a phrase “co-operate to make changes” instead of “demand” :slight_smile:

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Thing is, they are not cooperating. They refuse to provide us with these data. And they refuse to engage in any constructive discussion with the community.


I completely understand what you mean. But legally, if I purchase something from Envato I get invoice that says “Envato Market”, and this is reflected on my bank account. So the transaction has been made between me and Envato. We as authors can even choose to hide our info on Envato statements and customer can call itself Batman 0005. It means nothing.

Also, Envato collects VAT for European customers, and NO ONE can do this in your name. So for Europe, Envato acts as a real seller because that’s extremely well regulated here. @RedOctopus is also from European union and can confirm that you cannot collect VAT for somebody else. That’s between buyer and seller only. The reason they don’t give you buyer info is not because they are selfish and don’t want to co-operate, but because this is regulated by a very complicated international laws and data protection regulations.

That being said, they can probably set up their system to be able to provide the data we need for broadcast use, and as RedOctopus said, it can probably be done by tweaking privacy policy and adding some consent forms at purchase.


… which is already simply solved in hundreds of thousands of EU services by…

… which means adding simple checkbox about privacy policy during a purchase from EU buyer like it’s in every EU service. And maybe terms update, but I’m not sure if it’s necessary.

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Yes! It can be done.
I wrote epic posts because most people are focusing on the wrong thing. Envato has the serious legal obligation to protect customer data, that’s all. These are not really our direct customers. It’s not because they are lazy or selfish, the reason is that this is a serious legal issue, and it needs to be handled very carefully. The whole terms of service vs real life, and the way Envato is set up is very fragile and messy.

But yes, it can be sorted out, maybe with just a couple of small tweaks :wink:

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While this is true, this is not the reason why we don’t have access to buyer’s info, as this can be dealt with with a single TOS sentence and checkbox (like all websites do).

The reason is commercial, like all companies, they don’t want to share customers data. They don’t want us to bypass them either. They have to withhold that info if they want to stay relevant as the marketplace.

And the other reason, is that they don’t care. They don’t care in the sense that they don’t have a proper team dedicated to the community. No one there is involved in broadcast/PRO projects. There are no such plans, there are no such teams. That’s why there is nothing to negotiate, as there are no one to negotiate with.


It seems like this is primarily the problem yes. I think we just need to demand that they hire someone to work out these things. It’s long time overdue now.

Another thing that needs to end is this “ghosting” communication that is happening all over the forums lately. There were some improvements in the Envato-Author communication at the end of the last year I think, but now it seems that they are not allowed to chime in on difficult topics or something. It is very weird and alienating the community. Super unnecessary. It’s not exactly like its reducing tension. I can’t see any benefits for Envato with this behaviour.


Folks, it’s not as complicated as you all seem to think. This is what I am proposing:
When a Customer clicks on either:

  1. Music Broadcast and Film
  2. Music Broadcast (10 Million)

There should be further data entry requirements that include the name and email address of requester, company they work for or represent, name of brand, advertiser, product, title of TV commercial, country it will air in and projected first air date.

And that really is it. We want that data to transfer over to the invoices we receive. When a “prime Time” advertiser needs a track for a high end TV spot, it is very normal for the client to submit that information. If we have that information we will have everything we need to file claims at our PROs and there really will be no need to even communicate with the client.

I have an “idea” as to who licensed this after some google searches, but my goodness as “the seller” and owner of the intellectual property, it just would be a lot better if the data was transferred to the invoice for these 2 top tiered licenses.

Please do not mention cue sheets either. This project has nothing to do with cue sheets because it’s a spot. Only TV shows and Films require cue sheets. TV spots require that we file “claims” at our pros. We are “claiming” that the music is ours and is used on a particular spot. At Numerator/ Competitrack/ and I SpotTV we get data as to how many times the spot ran on air. That is how we get paid performance royalties and we are paid for every air date. And for the 1000th time, it is the TV networks that pays the royalties to our pros through the advertising revenue they collect.

My music is helping sell flawless brows. A TV spot is made with one intent: to sell a product or a service. This is why we are entitled to royalties. This is big, important business, and should be treated that way. The days of AJ being a petty dime store for tiny media producers is long over. Big time/ Prime time companies know about this place. Price your works accordingly at each license level and Envato, come on please help us a bit. Elevate the TV spot broadcast deal to a higher level of professionalism and integrity for these important projects. Find a way to make these projects more profitable for Envato too if need be. But first and foremost, since we are the sellers, please grant us the data we need to “claim” the music usage at our PRO.

I have no idea how long this spot will run. It could be 3 months, could be 6 months. could be 1 to 2 years. It may get 1000 plays, it may get 10,000 plays. The thing is, we just never know and it is for those reasons why these projects are so important to having a sustainable career in music licensing.


You laugh, but you clearly haven’t heard the phrase “… never too late too finish law school.”

Quite popular amongst musicians.


I’m registering in some places as @TimMcMorris recommended (thanks Tim). It was already registered in some as tunesat, but others I did not know. I have many doubts about sourceaudio. Those who are using it, do you use it just for the tool about watermarking and detection? Agencies and broadcasters can buy licenses from there? I do not understand how licenses work.


As you have probably seen already, Europe 2019 meetups registration is open. In the registration form there is a field about topics we would like to discuss about. I would suggest to write there “A broadcast sales vs broadcast info needed to get PRO royalties (AudioJungle)”. This is an official way we can get a feedback from the staff about this highly important issue. All the best! :slight_smile: