Broadcast licenses... yet again!


It is clear as day that authors are the sellers. What is unethical about the arrangement is that Envato does not demand that authors know exactly who the buyer is on an invoice. We never get a full name, phone number, e-mail address, business address on our invoices. That is just wrong IMHO. Every invoice my studio sends to a client has all of our information including my full name and phone number and e-mail address.


I apologize, didn’t know Chuck Norris is your accountant.

Did you ever buy something on Envato via PayPal? Look at your paypal invoice info. (This is also reflected on a customer’s bank account).


I’m telling you, you are wasting your time. You will not get access to full buyer info unless you want to embrace all the responsibility that comes with it.

Invoices we get here on Envato are useless. The buyer could call himself “Supermen666” and have an address on the Mars, Jupiter street 7. And you can live in the town of Steel, Sound street 53.
What really counts legally is PayPal or bank account. And your name is not there. So this is not your client.
@SteelSound I hope this makes sense now. Yes, it’s a real mess, but no one wants to touch it for a good reason. Like I said earlier, it’s Pandora’s box.


Hmm. Interesting…and confusing.

What about this idea:

Would it help us?


Many of us search the internet/youtube for projects with our music to verify the correctness of the sold license. All we have is usually data from invoice. If company buys license, it’s easy to find videos. But if company hires marketing agency or freelancers who buy license by themselves, it’s very hard to find such projects.

Even optional field “Project Name” would be a great feature. BTW the “Project Name” field is obligatory in Elements (!)


This is why full blown music libraries usually don’t use e-commerce and have the customer describe their projects before granting licenses. There is too much room for a customer to “accidentally” request the wrong license. If your customer isn’t telling you exactly how he plans to use the music before you give him a license, a lot of people will abuse the system and just get a standard license. They might not even check the drop down to see what types are available. Since you’re using e-commerce and shopping carts here as if you’re at Amazon, you could use a series of menus to get the customer to give you all the information you need - type of project, estimated audience size, broadcast or non-broadcast, public venue or not, etc.

Ultimately, the problem is that you’re selling in a digital asset marketplace and not a music library that actually dedicates itself to music licensing and nothing else.


This is the initial problem, yes. But, ultimately, the problem is that Envato deliberately chose to cease communication with their authors, as this thread shows.

I don’t see why a digital asset marketplace would not be able to clarify its terms nor enforce them. This is only due to their lack of willingness, care, dysfunctional management, or sheer incompetence. They don’t like being called out on that, but they have yet to prove otherwise.


Yeah, I think it’s “lack of willingness”. Marketplaces prefer to say that the “sellers” are responsible for policing this sort of problem. Marketplaces are all about volume sales and e-commerce. Libraries are more about higher level licensing and performance royalties because they are also publishers that just about always get 100% of the publishing royalties. For that reason, they are very keen on making sure that broadcast licensing is correctly applied and cue sheets get filed. Marketplaces don’t give a s___ because they’re only going to get the higher upfront fee from a broadcast license, which isn’t common to begin with, and they have no stake in performance royalties since they aren’t publishers.

But, Envato should listen to you guys and could create an automated Q&A that would force customers to describe projects as being one of several common types and determine the necessary variables to more accurately determine which license is to be purchased. I know of one large library with “mega trax” that uses such menus to help calculate which of their multiple rates applies and actually does use an e-commerce shopping cart of non-broadcast scenarios. But, the second you check broadcast use, it takes you right to a direct contact form where you complete an application where you have to register and be vetted to even be eligible to apply for a license. It’s always going to come back to making contact with the customers so you can trust their business and that is something Envato is never going to do because that’s not the “marketplace way”, so to speak. It’s instant gratification with marketplaces. Pay and go away.


Hi @Jimmy_J. I see you are listed as author support, so we are hoping for a little help on who to communicate with in these music broadcast licensing matters, or anyone you think might have the authority to move forward with this. Please tag that person here, invite some of us to a private chat or any other ideas you might have. Thanks!

A short summary of some of the key points in this thread:

  • The 1 million, 10 million and Film & Music Broadcast licenses needs to be updated regarding confusing texts for customers. Basically Local (1 Million) - Regional (10 Million)- National / International (Film & Broadcast) needs to be included to minimise the confusion. Also we need “No Broadcasting” to be written in bold at the Music Standard License.

  • Buyers should ideally need to actively choose a license. For example have the license window blank/choose license before you can proceed to cart.

  • Slightly more “advanced” request are that PRO data, full name and IPI number should be included in the broadcast licenses, as well as “Project Name” field that customers could fill during the invoice data registration.

There are more great ideas in this thread, but these are the simplest and most straightforward ones IMHO.

Why should these suggestions be put to life? Because Envato will earn more money, authors will earn more money and customer experience will be more streamlined and less confusing.

We would be extremely grateful for a little help here. If nothing else just information about who to proceed the further conversation with. Thank you!