Bridge Update Failed: Error after Copy the new Files


I use the Bridge Theme for a long time. I know how the update works.

Today, 15.03.2019, I become a email, that the new update for the bridge design is avaiable.

As usual, download, unzip, copy according to instructions. After that, the server throws me a 500 error. PHP Version 7.2 .

According to Server Log, there is a PHP error in the bridge content.

I copy now the previous version back - Website works again.

Before i switch to the old version,
Plugins have been disabled.
.htaccess has been renamed

  • everything without result.

Error log of the server, at Strato:

15.03.2019 23:04:32 [client] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function bridge_qode_options() in /mnt/web010/c0/40/57663140/htdocs/

15.03.2019 23:04:32 [client] Stack trace:

15.03.2019 23:04:32 [client] #0 /mnt/web010/c0/40/57663140/htdocs/ qode_options()

15.03.2019 23:04:32 [client] #1 /mnt/web010/c0/40/57663140/htdocs/ qode_init_google_fonts_array(’’)

15.03.2019 23:04:32 [client] #2 /mnt/web010/c0/40/57663140/htdocs/ WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array)

15.03.2019 23:04:32 [client] #3 /mnt/web010/c0/40/57663140/htdocs/ WP_Hook->do_action(Array)

15.03.2019 23:04:32 [client] #4 /mnt/web010/c0/40/57663140/htdocs/ do_action(‘after_setup_the…’)

15.03.2019 23:04:32 [client] #5 /mnt/web010/c0/40/57663140/htdocs/ require_once(’/mnt/web010/c0/…’)

15.03.2019 23:04:32 [client] #6 /mnt/web010/c0/40/57663140/htdocs/ require_once(’/mnt/web010/c0/…’)

15.03.2019 23:04:32 [client] #7 /mnt in /mnt/web010/c0/40/57663140/htdocs/ on line 27

any idea, what i can do?




I am not sure but may be php version compatbility error. Is your hosting using latest version php 7!
The best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Theme Author. Contact Author and let them know.


thx for your answer. With my Hoster you have the choice, php 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 - i switch all the Version. Normaly i use 7.2 . The Bridge Theme require php higher than 5.2.