Bridge theme does not update correctly

Hello. I am upgrading the Bridge theme to version 28.6.
I am following all the steps. I am doing the installation from ftp.
But I have a problem. When uploading the updated theme, my page doesn’t display the elements properly.

I think it’s due to a bug with Qode Options and WPbackery, where some elements like “Holder” etc disappear. (Attached screenshot of how it should look, and the errors).

Also, when updating the Bridge Core plugin, all the Qode Options disappear and more errors appear.

How can I solve that?

Hello! Try to contact the author of the theme. This is a forum no one here knows how it works except the author

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Hi @nopeco
Is this the theme you’re talking about?

Someone else in the forum may be able to help with this, though it’s usually best to contact the author of the theme. For the theme mentioned above, they seem to have their own support center here.

Ah it looks like Romlam beat me to it haha.

ok! Thank you!

yes, y try! Than youu!