BRIDGE has lost .js files

I have been using Bridge for some time and it is fine. I have the latest version installed.

However, I have noticed over the last couple of months that most of my site page visits generate multiple 404 errors. On checking this i find that they are all for requests for *.js files such as default_dynamic.js, custom.js, jquery.mousewheel.min.js, etc.

I have checked the directory on the server and these files do not exist (hence the 404), however, I have all of these files (and more) in my backup directory.

I have compared the contents of wp-content/themes/bridge/js with my backup and find that the site directory has 11 files whereas my backup directory has 54 files.

The files in the js directory are:

Can anyone please explain

  • how these files have been deleted?
  • how I can re-install them?



OK. As an update to the situation,

I copied all of the missing files from my backup directory onto my site. Hooray. There are no more 404 errors.

Then last night I received notification that there was an update to Bridge so I updated it to the latest version, and guess what, the js files that I replaced have now disappeared - again.

So it seems that updating Bridge removes certain js files. Maybe those that are not used. The problem is that they are still referenced in the site somewhere and so I keep getting 404 errors for the missing files.

What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?

OK, so now that Bridge has installed yet another update, I find that the installation is the reason that the js files disappear.

Simply they are deleted by the update process.

Is this normal? Am I missing something?

Maybe Bridge deletes js files that it doesn’t need - but for some reason it is deleting files that are referenced elsewhere in the theme code. This results in lots of 404 page not found errors.

I put this query up on this forum 9 days ago, and have not had a single response from envato. Any ideas on how I can get them involved?



Hello Mark ( @Mark_Holtom )

The best place to get help with this is the theme support website here:

At a first glance, it seems to be an issue specific to your website set up, maybe some caching plugin or another conflicting plugin, or maybe server settings - difficult to say without at least seeing the website, that is why is better to contact the theme author.

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