Bridge demo site import stuck at 90%


I am trying to import a demo site of Bridge theme and it gets stuck at 90%. Not sure what can be done for this. Can anybody suggest?



Hi there,

This may be due to various settings on php settings like max upload size, memory etc.
WordPress wrote something about this.


Hi Bianca,

Thanks for the response. It might be quite naive of me, but since I am new to Word-press, I am unable to proceed. I am few questions after going through the link that you sent me.

I am not able to see any default size limit set in the specified files (.htaccess), do I have to explicitly specify? I mean to say : php_value memory_limit 64M) , I dont find this statements defined anywhere, do I have to explicitly write it?

Also, I am not able to find the file php.ini in my folder. I have also chosen to show all the hidden files even then this doesnt show up, where can I find that file?

Now that I have done few failed imports, is there a way to clear this before I freshly import the demo site?

Answers to these would really help me to move ahead.


Different hosts use different schemes for storing and accessing files. php.ini depends on the host. Normally edited through the host settings. google is your friend.

Is there a way to clear this before I freshly import the demo site?


Hi There,

Goofyadog is right.

If you are on shared hosting you are kind of dependent of you host can do anything for you. If you have a VPS plan or a dedicated server (more expensive hosting compared to shared) than you have the authority do do these things yourself.

Is this the best route to go? Not sure. Do you really want to get all the demo content in?
It may be a better plan(or easier) to just set up the site according to the documentation and make you own posts. It takes a bit longer but than there will be no rubbish content in your system that you aren’t going to use.


Hi Bianca and goofydadog,

Thanks for the responses. Its a shared host, so I am not sure if these values can be changed easily. I will try and do what Bianca says and lets see how it goes.



What host is it?


Its a HostGator.


Bad Luck:



I just had a chat with the host gator guys and they created a local php.ini file for me where in I made all the changes required and all the import completed 100% :smiley:


Wow, great to hear that :slight_smile: