Bridge Core Plugin?

I have a message to install and active the Bridge Core Plugin but where can I download this? WP doesn’t have it in their plugin list and I can’t find it on the Envato website. My website is a mess now where the fonts have changed and there are no buttons, just script. Plus my logo has disappeared. Anyone any ideas?


You have to full setup first. Please check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary support how to install the theme and plugins. I hope where you can see that message there you will find a link as like Begin Installing Plugins and if you click that link it will take you the recommendation plugins installation page from there you can install the plugin by clicking install link.

If you have still problem with the theme then The best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Theme Author. Contact Author and let them know.


Hi, thanks for your message. I have the full theme installed already and nowhere does it say where to update or install the plugin. Just that i have to.

I will contact Qode to ask if they can help me. They are the developer of my theme.


I have the same problem - I can’t find the Bridge Core Plugin anywhere and now my site is a wreck!

me to! a totally mess.

Hey guys. I had the same problem, and it was quite an easy fix. Download the full theme file from Envato, go into your zip file, and locate the sub-folder “Plugins”. In there, you will find the zip file called Bridge Core Plugin. Upload the zip file to your plugins folder on your site, and activate. Should be fixed immediately. Just remember to refresh your page. Hope this helps.


I found the solution, go to WP >Appearance >Install Plugins
and the Bridge Core plugin should be listed there for you to install.
Remember to activate it after you install it. After I did that, my site went back to normal.


This totally worked for me, thank you!!