Brazil theme replacement

Hi there – I am looking for a recommendation for the Brazil theme replacement.

See our website at

Ross K/Webmaster

Sorry, it was meant to be some kinda joke…

In case you need some more in depth help, please provide some key points what to focus on.

Since the Brazil Theme has been discontinued, I need a good replacement for this.

Do you have a suggestion or two?

Ross K

As you are using a WordPress theme with Visual Composer (WPBackery Page Builder) and several other plugins,

just pick a WordPress theme that comes with WP Backery Page Builder and you like the most, and install all the plugins you are using right now.

You should be able to change your theme with nearly minimum amount of work.

Any theme would do with WPBackery Page Builder. I just can not tell you exactly what you like the most. I could suggest tons of themes, but you just might not like it. I guess you would like to polish the look and a feel of your current website as well…

In case you have special needs, it can narrow down the range of themes…

Thanks very much – Your comments have helped me a lot!


Ross K

I hope so, it was meant to be like that :wink:
You are more than welcome, just get back if needed.

Hi Kriszta – How do myou like the Unta Theme?

Ross K

Hi @GWSA-Guelph,
I’ll get back to you soon. …

Just to play advocate - @kriszta is right that finding a theme that also uses WP Bakery and including the relevant plugins is likely to simplify the process - however there is still a significant unknown.

There may well be custom styling or elements that were applied to the first theme which are not present in the latest versions of the plugins (esp. as WP Bakery has changed quite a bit), so make sure you have backed everything up properly before taking any leaps and be prepared to address any potential issues.

Thanks - we have a great backup system that has proven itself many times.


Ross K

Yeah, thanks, now it is all perfectly complex like that :+1: totally agree.

Theme seems to be up to date: have look at the item details page, look for “Last Update”, “Compatible With” and “Software Version” (though not Gutenberg optimized if you are interested in), author responds to comments regularly on comments page, author rating looks fine (and minimum of 3 votes required for displaying item rating) and the author does provide support.
Though keep in mind that a bunch of work might be still needed until achieving the desired look and feel of the new website. See @charlie4282 's post here,

Check what version of WP Bakery they have on there as what’s listed is out of date

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Ooops, my bad, so sorry, you are right, I was definitely inattentive… thanks @charlie4282
I go and get a coffee for now :coffee: or even two…
…but I hope at least @GWSA-Guelph can benefit from the conversation.
One of the lessons to be learned here: double check compatibility and description.