Brand new to AJ, tips to avoid mistakes and advice?



Ok so im traveling the world indefinately. My job let me do this, or at least until the money ends. I produced dance music before i left but left everything behind to travel and thats what i have been doing for quite a while now. It was actually nice to leave music behind but after a few months i started to miss it so i downloaded garageband ios and started messing around again. Anyway im back in love with music again but more jingles and film score type of stuff which led me to AJ.

Anyway i want to sign up as an author but should i do exclusive or non exclusive given my circumstances. Which are full time traveler with just an ipad as his DAW. I do have contacts to master each track but i write and mix everything on my ipad/iphone, not ideal i know but you have to work with what you have. Im leaning towards exclusive given my circumstances.

Also what other tips do you have to avoid mistakes that maybe you expearienced guys made like we all do, live and learn and all that.

Also my name is Jake and im excited to join the community so thanks for having me.


Hey Jake,

welcome aboard.

I would recommend you to read this articles for a start:

My personal advice is to be consistent and work hard. Try to keep eye on quality not on quantity.


Hi Jake, I recommend Exclusive content for the better pay rates. My other advice would be to keep calm. There are things that can be frustrating such as item rejection and spells of weak sales or tracks that you love that don’t sell very well. Keep a clear head, don’t get too upset and enjoy writing the music as passion about your product will come across in the compositions. Good luck :slight_smile: