Brainwave (ScienteCraft) Theme Uploading/Demo Import/Token/API/Host Problem

Hi, I’m having trouble with my purchased Brainwave Theme for W-ordpress.

I’m new in Wordpress, so I don’t know if the problem lies in the Theme, the Theme installation, the Envato Market Token/API or in the Host connection.

I’ve contact the author of the BrainwaveTheme in the support page, but it says that “ScienteCraft has chosen not to support the item”, there isn’t a lot of movement in the comments page (low responses) and I really have to solve this out quickly.

Then I’ve contacted Envato, that confirmed me that Brainwave Theme Support is not available, and it encouraged me to make a topic here.

I’ve contacted the host too and they are already working on this, looking for troubles in the upload maximum. But the problems are happening to me too in localhost (WAMP).

I’m having problems with the Import of the Brainwave to Wordpress. It loads to like 20% (4.5MB) stops, retry and fail for “connection problems”. I solved that uploading it by FTP.
In localhost, I’ve changed the php.ini and this is not happening, I can upload OK. I’ve created a php.ini in the host and didn’t work.

Notice that I can’t upload anything “heavy” (like a video). In localhost I’ve fixed that when changed the php.ini

So, later my problem lies in the “Import Demo” section. The demos are not uploading properly, they are like bugged, when I import them it stays loading for ever, and when I close that, Brainwave Theme is part-loaded. This happened in host with FTP upload AND in the localhost too.

And the final reason why I contact is that in addition to everything I mention, when I make the demo import, alltought it’s not working properly, I can’t modify the pages with Visual Composer properly (mabye bad installation for the host uploading size?), and it’s not including it’s last version, therefore, maybe it has something to do with that? I need the ultimate version of VisualComposer? Am I entitled to request the latest version? It’s an Envato-API problem? Is only hosting problem? If I can’t solve it or they don’t give me the latest version of VisualComposer, can I ask for refund?

Thank you SO MUCH and I’m looking forward to your response.

Considering that the item is not supported, contacting the author may not solve the problem but I can offer a paid support if you’re interested in

You can always ask refund from Envato - it doesn’t mean that you may get one but you can try