BPM and music uploads

Not a big thing, I’m just curious…
Why is there a limit at 250 BPM where you set the tempo for your uploads? I have uploaded several tracks with a tempo over 250 these past days and I just don’t understand this limitation. At the same time there is no limit downwards… I wonder how many tracks have a tempo between 1 and 30 BPM :joy:

Again, not a major problem. Just one more of those (many) things in the upload process that doesn’t seem very well thought through.

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I’ve had this problem too. Where I’ve had a track, say, 260bpm, I have entered half the bpm, 130, and put a note to the reviewer asking if it can be set at 260 as 130 doesn’t reflect the fast pace of the song. But the track info always remains at the slower tempo.

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Exactly! And some times enter half time tempo works, but when I submit a up-tempo jazz track I want the Bpm to reflect the tempo. Buyers searching for a fast jazz track won’t search for a track that is at 140 bpm, when the track in reality is 280. In these cases I set the tempo to max (250) even if its not “correct”.

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didn’t you get soft rejects because of incorrect tempo?

No, I haven’t so far. I don’t see how they can soft-reject either as long as it’s impossible to set the correct tempo.