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Song refused. Please help.
The Epic Power Of The Story

Wow amazing I love it is a really cool epic track. To my ears I feel maybe it’s just a matter of mixing and little changes in the composition.

Here is some points in my opinion:

  • Weak low end in drum particulary in the stomps at the begining (maybe it was intentional)
  • Annoying distorted guitar in right speaker at 0:21 and then left speaker at 1:04 didn’t seat well in the mix (maybe cut a little high end, enhance middle to low end and make it mono)
  • After 0:21 weak drum overal in mix ( maybe wrong drumkit or maybe use compression and tweak the eq. also too straight rhythm pattern)
  • Too audible guitar solo at 1:36 in left speaker ( make it more diffused in the mix and not so panned left)
  • Maybe too long track
  • Begining from 0:00 to 0:21 seams another music comparing to the rest, it feels another mood.

Hope it can help just my take on your music.

Thank you for the information.
I have a similar opinion that it is the mix rather wrong.
I can write music. I do not mix, meastering.
Who could help?