Bought wrong theme

Hello, anyone was gone through this before?

The seller Astoundify has to themes: Listify and Jobify.
I bought JOBIFY and when I downloaded it I realized my my stake. I wanted LISTIFY.
I know I should have paid more attention, but they look very similar too.
I don’t want a refund. I’d like LISTIFY instead.

If anyone has made the same mstake… any tips?

Thank you

Hello :slight_smile:

Please open a Help Ticket and explain the situation. They’ll be happy to help. Thanks!

Just as a warning, Envato should be able to help you out, but please refrain from downloading the incorrect files! Doing so could prevent you from getting a refund! :worried:

Sam :thumbsup:

I have same problem with medicare wordpress theme. There are 4 to 5 theme with named medicare and by mistake i bought a wrong one. As i don’t know it is a wrong theme so i downloaded files once and after that i was awake that this one is not my desired theme. Can i get my desired theme without purchasing again as i don’t want purchase theme.
I already sent a help request.
Thank you in advance.

Please see my reply above :slight_smile:

I have the same problem KingDog, I bought the incorrect theme =( … I tried with the link that you commented before, but it’s broken, could you help me, I send a mail to support with the seller, but I dont know if they could help me.

Hey there! Use this link -> Envato Market Help and Support . Please be sure not to download the incorrect purchased file, authors are not obligated to provide refunds after the item has been downloaded as per Refund Terms of Service. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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