Bought wrong theme (but with same name)

Hi, I made my client Belasstore (this login) buy Canifa Theme, but she bought Yolo Theme Canifa (, not the correct Canifa theme by 7up theme (

How can I change this buying? Theme is not being used… (it is totally different).

I need the correct this because the developer probably used a theme without license downloaded at wplocker. I made she buy this to be regular and with a valid license.

I think there is a difference to pay. How can I proceed?

Since Envato is a huge collection of individual authors there’s not an “exchange” process. This means you’ll need to have your client open a refund request for the original purchase, then have them buy the correct theme. Here’s the Envato help doc you can send your client:

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I’d add to @WPExplorer’s explanation - if you believe for whatever reason your client’s site is using an illegally downloaded version, then the first thing that you should do once you have a new copy is to remove the existing site or at least theme and replace it all with a legit installation.

Licenses are an obvious must but often the unofficial copies can contain some very nasty bugs and if you are working on the site, then you don’t want to risk being held accountable if it falls apart at any point in the future.


Hi Charlie,
I only work with legal licenses/copies… I believe this theme is not original because the original developer broke dialog with my client and didn´t give her the license and files. That´s why I´ve asked her to buy it again.